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UIUX Designer 

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I’m Iman, a UIUX designer in block explorer space. Currently designing at Etherscan.

proof of work

Proof of Work °1

Etherscan UX Improvement + New Visuals

Improved the UX of various enhancements throughout the site. Also, I worked closely with the devs in redesigning our marketing pages with custom visuals.

The new major reskin and improvement rolled out in Feb 2023.

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Proof of Work °2

Browser Extension

Etherscan’s browser extension that tracks Ethereum gas prices & customized gas price notifications on desktop. Also, right-click search for Ethereum addresses with text highlighting.

The initial beta release launched in Nov 2022.

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others / freelancing

Web UI Design

I provide UI Design for Laman7, a web design agency in Malaysia.

others / blog

Nilai Design

Nilai Design is a blog that provides no-BS design + career tips, written in Bahasa Malaysia.

others / IRL

🌱 Touch Grass

Gym, coffee, cooking, hang outs, travel.